Posted by: clevsea | July 19, 2006

Entry for July 19, 2006

Overwhelming thought of the day. There are a lot of blogs. Last night I was reading this one:


Now, there is enough there to read to keep one busy for months but it’s only the beginning. She has links and blogs she likes and that means lots of clicking and reading and interwoven blogs and thoughts and teachings and ideas…….whew! There is a lot there.


Conclusion: A new house wife could be Titus Two’d from reading blogs. I am stunned.



  1. Clev, that’s quite a site!! I can’t click on all the links now, but I put in on my favorites list and I will also mention it in my own blog, then I can click on my own link when I have time. Cool! Amazing that that lady has time to put all that stuff on the site, but then again, she appears to be very organized ;-).
    See ya around.

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