Posted by: clevsea | July 27, 2006

Entry for July 27, 2006

Oh, Clev, you know that link you posted that is that lady’s blog and she has a housekeeping binder and stuff? Well, I went to her “cleaning” link  and she recommends daily cleaning of certain area of the house or “task” cleaning, like dusting one day and vacuuming another. I think that would drive me nuts (though maybe that’s the best way to do it when you have kids). I really prefer a once weekly cleaning for those sorts of tasks- after all, it really only takes 2 to maybe 3 hours to clean my whole house. I love doing all of that on Friday and then having a clean house over the weekend. BTW I don’t count laundry as housecleaning. I can’t let that stack up until Friday. That’s one of those “maintainance” things for me… like dishes… just do it as I go whenever it needs to be done. … Dunno. Just wondering if anyone else has any thoughts on this………………..From Meg’s blog.


I will think awhile and then answer this……….my children are waiting for me to read the Bible with them.

I’ll be back.



  1. Okay, I’m ready. I don’t follow a plan unless I have a weekly visit scheduled at my house. I actually try to have those. If I’m having Bible study at my house every Thursday then cleaning day is Wednesday. It really helps me to get ALL THE WAY clean and all the way clean is a good thing. That cleaning is the intense kind & includes bathrooms, all floored areas, dusting, and de-cluttering. With 5 kids it was far more work to KEEP things clean than to GET them clean. But now that they are finally older…whew…it stays clean longer, more like a normal house.

    The other thing I’ve “learned” is how much mileage you can get out of a clean kitchen. If that room is clean then people do not fear you, worry for you, or secretly turn you in to the health board on their cell phone while driving home. For me, it’s easier and the very best plan to clean the kitchen 3 times a day. It always looks good that way. My bedroom could look like Hurricane Katrina had just blown through but it doesn’t matter to a friend who drops by and has a cup of tea. That’s why bedrooms have doors, right? Well, that might be another post.

    My house is 100 years old and so is a lot of the furniture. Nothing really “cleans up” that well. It all looks a little lived in even if it has just been sanitized. But the good thing is it doesn’t really ever look that dirty either. I have Victorian clutter all over the place that brings me a sense of calm. I’m not calm in the Swedish look although I can see why other people find that to be serene. However, even cluttered & doily-ed laden rooms look way better without last week’s Sunday paper strew all about.

    I like to keep the house within 10 minutes of *company* ready at all times. And what company doesn’t know won’t hurt them. If they can’t see the unfolded white load then it’s of no consequence, is it?

    I have set Friday as cleaning day—the idea was to have the house clean for the weekend. I still do that a lot. For whatever reason I used to do the heavy, deep down cleaning on Mondays and it would take me plus 6 other people about 5 hours to get that done. Then I would concentrate my efforts on maintainance the rest of the week. I had a play room too and that was a life saver, it kept the bedrooms really clean to not store toys in them.

    Laundry used to be 2 to 3 loads a day, every day. Well, 2 kids have aged, matured, and moved out, YES!! So now I can goof off for a long while and go for days without even doing laundry. Eventually, the lack of towels and undies will remind me that a huge catch up day is in store. I like it better this way than the old way. I had a friend who had 5 kids all 11 and under and I remember her saying that she “lived to keep the laundry basket empty.” I understand that *urge* (??) but it’s madness and it’s unattainable in a large family.

    Speaking of large families I use that to my advantage. I dole out the chores. “You, bathrooms, you over there, yes you, you’re going to be stairs…” and then I tell them exactly how long they will be cleaning. I set the kitchen timer for 30 minutes and EVERYBODY cleans, even me. They can’t skip out on the work because we’re all there, working hard.

    Well, I think that’s my approach in a nutshell but I’m sure I’ll change it as time rolls on.

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