Posted by: clevsea | August 16, 2006

Bread Machines–My confessions

have a Hitachi that I’ve had since the early/mid 90’s, you know
when the “fad” started.

It came with a recipe book–2 in fact. I followed them faithfully
because Hitachi put the fear in me that other recipes=bad bread.

Now let’s back up, way up, to the 70’s. Yes, I was alive in the 70’s
and I baked my own bread every weekend. They were dense and moist
loaves, and they were yummy. But I gave up the yummy recipes for the
Hitachi ones.

So how did that go?

Well I used it a lot, I fiddled with the Hitachi a lot. We were a
family of 7 back then and when the beeper went off we all would run
to the bread machine expectantly. We never really knew what would
come out, but we were always hopefull. I had bought the electric
knife and bread slicer gizmo and I would slice away at the tiny,
weirdly shaped little loaf. We would all get one piece of bread and
the joy was over, the loaf was gone. I would start up our second
batch of the day.

That machine seemed to perform best when I used it twice daily. But
now that I only flop the ingredients in there once in awhile it does
not perform well. I mean it always made that weird loaf, the one
with the paddle hole in the heal and the concaved top. But now the
loaf looks like it flew in from outer space. Sometimes the whole
inside has collasped and caved in on itself leaving me with one
piece of bread.

So, I don’t know what to do. Husband says buy a package of pre-made
stuff from Safeway and bake that as a test run. Okay, I’ll get right
on that the next time I remember to buy it at the store.

What ingredients have I been using, you ask? Only the very best, the
very freshest and only those Hitachi says are kosher to its machine.
Fresh yeast, fresh everything, measured with the precision of a
nuclear scientist.

I’m ready to give it up but I don’t know if the machine is too old
or if it’s just angry at me for shelving it for so long and now it’s
going to teach me to ignore it. I don’t know if a new model will
work or if this is just the way it is when you mess around with one
of the world’s oldest foods.

I’m thinking about getting back to kneading by hand and shaping
loaves and using loaf pans and cooking in the oven, just like I did
in the 70’s.

It does sound like I might want a kitchen aid mixer from reading  posts. All the cooking I’ve done in my life has all been
without a food processor or a table top mixer. Weird, isn’t it?



  1. “We were a family of 7 back then and when the beeper went off we all would run
    to the bread machine expectantly.” That is so funny, Clev! I can see it in my brain.
    My mom had a bread machine. Yeah, she jumped on the wagon in the 90’s too. I don’t actually remember eating bread out of it. :-/ hmmm
    I do it the old fashioned way- mixing, punching, kneading, shaping, baking.
    Gosh! I would love a table top kitchen-aid someday too! Especially if we get a zillion kids like we’re hoping for! For now it is a dream and not really a necesity, but I will keep my eye out and if there is a total bargain someday and I have the finances, I will scoop one up. I guess they last forever, so that’s a pretty good investment.
    Great post!

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