Posted by: clevsea | September 1, 2006

Cookies for Meg

Date Cookies

½ c butter

½ c marg

½ c sugar

½ c powdered sugar

1 egg

1 ½ tsp van.

2 ¼ c flour

½ tsp baking soda

½ tsp tartar

½ tsp salt

Combine the dry ingredients in a bowl and set aside. Cream the butter, marg, and sugars with electric mixer. Add egg & vanilla.

Then add the dry ingredients.

Roll this dough out and cut circles with a drinking glass that has been dipped in granulated sugar.

Put a glop of date mixture into the center of each circle of dough and form a cookie that would look something like a fortune cookie


Put a glop a date mixture into the center of each circle and place another circle on top and pinch the little edges like it was a teeny pie crust.

The Date Mixture

Boil a box of chopped dates with

¼ c sugar (approx)

¼ c water (approx)

Lemon juice

It takes about 20 mins to cook and this is the date mixture that will be in the center.

Cook like any cookie. Ungreased cookie sheet, normal oven, normal length of time.

These are good. They taste like a cross between Pepperidge Farms Milanos (minus the chocolate) and a Fig Newton. They taste way better the 2nd day, never eat them warm,,,,,eww, they are not good then. You have to wait for the goodness to come into its own!



  1. Thank you so much, Clev. They sound amazing! I wrote everything down and I will be trying this recipe soon!
    I love the egg smily face!! I think it would be cool if you used that photo for your primary photo (that will show up on friend’s lists, etc). It isn’t your face, but at least it is smiling!

  2. I made the cookies, Clev. They were very good! Thanks again for the recipe.

  3. I hope you let them cool for a day………then the yummy comes through!!
    I should make them too.

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