Posted by: clevsea | September 11, 2006

DBR all done!!

I finished reading the Bible completly through today. Now I can read the parts I want to read for fun!

It was really easy to read it too. If anyone who ever reads this may or may not know, is that to get through the entire Bible within 1 year all you have to do is read 3 chapters a day. If you read 6 a day you would  finish in 6 months. If you read 12 chapters per day you could get through the Bible cover to cover in 3 months.

And I know, from personal experience, that you can get through the New Testament in 1 week. That’s right 7 days.

No, it’s not about speed, quality does count!!!!!


Happy Bible reading…….



  1. Congratulations, that is great!
    I’ve decided not to dive right in to the next read through. There are some topics I want to study and I’m thinking I’ll do some memorization too. I will start a read through by January though, if not sooner. I think once a year is a must for me.

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