Posted by: clevsea | December 20, 2006


Cleaning the Clevsea way…

I don’t follow a written plan or a strict schedule.

I will plan my house cleaning around a weekly scheduled event such as a Bible study in my home. In fact, having guests over every week actually helps me to keep things tidy. However, I have reached the stage where I clean regardless of whether people are coming over or not.

Now that the children are older I clean the day before company comes over and this will be a day of really hard cleaning. “Company” clean helps me to get the house ALL THE WAY clean and all the way clean is a good thing. That cleaning is the intense kind & includes bathrooms, all floored areas, dusting, and de-cluttering.

As to regular cleaning tips I’ve learned this. You get a lot of mileage out of a clean kitchen. If that room is clean then people do not fear you, worry for you, or secretly turn you in to the health board. For me, it’s easier and and more sanitary to clean the kitchen 3 times a day. It always looks good that way. My bedroom could look like Hurricane Katrina had just blown through but it doesn’t matter to a friend who drops by and has a cup of tea. That’s why bedrooms have doors, right? Well, that might be another post.

My house is 100 years old and so is a lot of the furniture. Nothing really “cleans up” that well. It all looks a little lived in even if it has just been sanitized. But the good thing is it doesn’t really ever look that dirty either. I have Victorian decorations all over the place that brings me a sense of calm. I’m not calm in the “Swedish” or monastic look although I can see why other people find that to be serene. However, even cluttered & doily-ed laden rooms look way better without last week’s Sunday paper strew all about.

I like to keep the house within 10 minutes of *company* ready at all times. And what company doesn’t know won’t hurt them. If they can’t see the unfolded white load then it’s of no consequence, is it?

In the past, I have set Friday as cleaning day—the idea was to have the house clean for the weekend. I still get into that cycle at times. Years ago, for whatever reason, I used to do the heavy, deep down cleaning on Mondays and it would take me plus 6 other people about 5 hours to get that done. Then I would concentrate my efforts on maintenance the rest of the week.

Years ago, when the children were younger I had a play room for them and that was a life saver, it kept the bedrooms really clean to not store toys in them.

When all five children were still at home I usually had 2 to 3 loads of laundry a day, every day. Now, with less people living here I can actually skip a day, even two. Eventually, the lack of towels and undies will remind me that a huge catch up day is in store.

Speaking of large families I use that to my advantage. I dole out the chores. “You, bathrooms, you over there, yes you, you’re going to sweep the stairs…” and then I tell them exactly how long they will be cleaning. I set the kitchen timer for 10, 20, or 30 minutes and EVERYBODY cleans, even me. They can’t skip out on the work because we’re all there, working hard.

Well, I think that’s my approach in a nutshell but I’m sure I’ll change it as time rolls on.



  1. Any thoughts on a husband who leaves more disaster in his wake than 2 small children combined? 😉 I love my mother-in-law, but she did NOT teach her kids to clean up after themselves.

  2. Not really, that’s just what they do. : )

    Sometimes husbands will be good and consistant at cleaning. Mine does a good job when relatives are coming over. He will mop and clean a bathroom for example. He is also good at cleaning outside and that’s a good thing because I don’t do outdoor work.

    : )

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