Posted by: clevsea | January 3, 2007

McCall’s #6041 circa 1992

Oh, how many times have I sewn this?? Don’t forget you can enlarge the photo. There is a little blue icon on the lower right corner next to the picture. On the next picture you can just make out my dark red beret head covering.

You see the jumper here in a deep (quilter’s fabric) purple/red or cranberry, but I have the same pattern sewn in:

Black Corduroy

Solid Medium Blue

Light calico Flowers

and it always looks a little different depending on the fabric.

I wear it over the dress (see below) that comes with the pattern and sometimes I simply wear the jumpers over a blouse or even a tee shirt. I’m not always in the “mood” for huge, puffy sleeves. For instance, today I’m wearing this one here with a black cotton long sleeve T-shirt and a black RTW skirt. You’ll notice the buttons are black on this jumper which allows it to be worn with black socks, etc. Skirts make really good slips, btw.

I also wear these jumpers with flannel slips that I made when it’s really cold and in the summer the light weight cotton is very cool yet gives so much coverage.

I sewed these jumpers in 1992 and I still wear them. I have a button hole giving out on the black one and it needs repairing. That brings up the point of the facings. I used them as directed by the pattern when I sewed 2 of these and I skipped that step when I sewed the other two. Big boo-boo. These are wearable without the facings (as I’ve proven over the YEARS) but the button holes are more durable and the quality is better with the facing.

When time allows I will post some photos of the other jumpers.

Let me end with this. I love wearing these!



  1. I can’t wait to start my sewing, Clev! … and don’t you know I am going to start training in the fabrics department of my Hobby Lobby store on Saturday! This is going to mean trouble. I am going to see fabrics as soon as they go to the clearance rack! I never thought about what color buttons you put on allowing for different socks/shoes. I probably should have- it makes sense. Clever- hah!

  2. I hope your sewing goes well. I would love to work around fabric but I fear I would buy all of it and have little to no money on my paycheck. Plus, I’d be hogging it from all the customers.

    Buttons set the “personality” of a garment. Wise words someone taught me years ago.

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