Posted by: clevsea | January 22, 2007

Another Jumper Pattern + Fabric

Plenty of people are asking me about the McCall’s pattern I posted pictures of in this blog. Pictures can be found on the Jan. 3rd blog post, use the calendar provided on the left to access it quickly.

One lady found an out-of-print copy of it and ordered it from Canada, so there is hope.

I have another pattern that is very similar (See Picture above) and I’m just about to sew it (after hanging on to it for years—Laugh). Today I see that it can still be purchased at this site. It’s the fourth pattern down, the others are good too:

I found some very good looking fabric too. It is undoubtably 100% cotton because it’s in the Quilt section of Windham Fabrics under the Eliza collection, made by Anna Griffin. I think it’s a beautiful take on English Garden Country–the prettiest I’ve seen in a long time. If I could wholesale I would already have bought a bunch on-line. I have not touched it in real life only seen pictures so I don’t know the hand (aka body, feel, drape). I’m trying to get a local quilt store to stock it so that I can buy some.

Here is the link to the good/cute fabric:

Buying fabric on-line has worked out well for me but nothing beats seeing it in person at the store!!


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