Posted by: clevsea | January 29, 2007

Bible Reading 2007

January is almost over and I had set out to read 6 chapters of Bible every day.

Here is what happened instead. I read:









I Samuel

and I am in

II Samuel with 2 days left in Jan.

That’s a lot of Bible and the odd thing is I did not even try. I still did everything that I do each day. I didn’t spend whole days in bed reading. In fact, on Saturday I left town and didn’t read at all that day. Most of the days I read between 3 & 7 chpts. and on good days I read for 1 hour each afternoon.

At this very easy rate I can easily, easily, read the whole Bible in 4 months without even exerting myself.

I write all this to encourage you because it’s also January for you. If you didn’t get going yet it’s not too late, you have all year to read and plenty of time to read the whole Bible before the year is up.



  1. So true, Clev. It really isn’t such a chore as people sometimes make it out to be in their minds. Your post is encouraging to me. I am behind, but because of my experience last year, I know it is not too late to catch up- far from it!

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