Posted by: clevsea | March 5, 2007

How I answer Head covering questions

When women ask me about the covering I first figure out if they really mean it before I launch in. Then I sit down with them and read I Cor 11 once through. Then we read it together slowly —

and I point out that it’s a rare moment in the Bible when it self-explains itself and actually gives 3 reasons why.

This is important because the women frequently ask “why” right after the
first reading. No need to guess, the answers are given right in the

Step 2. Tell the woman the greek words in the passage, the verb
tenses and some other original language helps.

Step 3. Remind them of the old days. Have them imagine an old cowboy
movie–everybody can do that. Have them imagine one of those quicky
funerals they have out in the desert during cowboy movies. Have the
lady in question “picture” the men removing their hats before they
pray and say their “final” words. Educate them in some other facts
of how it worked in America. During the first half of the 20th
century women did NOT show up at church without their heads covered
and men removed their hats in church and at the dinner table as they
expected to pray.

Over 16 years ago when I first started head covering people wanted
to show me where I had gone wrong, quite a few times, and how I had
misunderstood the Bible. I don’t like debate but sometimes I’ll
share. Back then I could conclude with something like this. Look
around you—-do you see men praying with hats on? Doesn’t that tell
you something? But in my heart I knew things were going to change
and they did. Now, men do pray with hats on. Things changed pretty quickly.

The church I attended about 1 year ago does indeed have about 7 men who wear hats all through the service.

The “Youth” Pastor, and he is a youth, btw, at
22 years old, prays with his hat on and teaches the younger boys to
do the same.

Here is a recent episode witnessed by my daughter.

“Hats off Pastor, we’re praying.” Said an 18 year old male.

“Oh no, God doesnt care what I
wear, I pray with my hat on.”

Younger male places his hat back on
his head and proceeds to pray.

Fast foward to a very few months later. Again my daughter is there
when the same pastor and the same set of children are gathered. The
pastor wants to know what is the main thing they have learned so far
this year from their get-togethers.
Young male takes his turn after several others have shared. “I
learned that I can pray with my hat on.”


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