Posted by: clevsea | March 16, 2007

The Paisley Pincushion Jumper

Here is the jumper at long last. I like it enough for one jumper but I don’t like it as much as my McCall’s pattern that looks very much like this one.

It’s the fourth item down on the page.

The patterns are different even though they look alike. The paisley pincushion pattern does not use “real” buttons or button holes. That is supposed to make it easier for the person sewing but it creates the problem of having to “slip” the jumper on over head without the benefit of zippers or buttons. This means that you have to make the jumper a size too big so that you can get it on yourself.

I went ahead and used button holes on the bodice of the jumper. I think it helps me when putting it on and taking it off. However, I had already cut and sewed it a size too big so I added a tie to the back. That means I created two darts in the back above the waistline and sewed a tie as small as possible and inserted it in the dart. I can tie it very loosely or cinch it up super tight. Normally, one doesn’t wear jumpers to show off, so to speak, so I don’t want my tie to be tight and therefore figure exposing, instead I’m using it to bring my bodice down one size and as I said it’s already over sized.

The other changes I made were in with the inclusion of lace. I used lace on the pockets instead of contrasting fabric and I trimed out the hem with white lace just for an accent. I used the same fabric for the bodice lining rather than using contrast fabric as the pattern recomended. That would give it a different look. When you look at the detail the triangles with the buttons on them would have been a different fabric, such as white, or a plaid…I opted for the same fabric instead.

Check the next two entries for the back tie and for a close up of the fabric and remember, if you click the very small icon in the lower right of the picture it will increase in size for easier viewing.

Even though I have 4 McCall’s jumpers I like that pattern so much that I’m going to sew it up 2 more times. I have 2 new yardages that I LOVE and I can’t wait to get to sewing those.



  1. Clevsea,
    I love the jumper and the fabric. It really is lovely. I have always wanted to buy this pattern so I thank you for the review. I think jumpers are so pretty and so versatile. You look very nice in it. I love the added lace as well.

  2. Thanks, those are very nice comments.

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