Posted by: clevsea | March 21, 2007

What I recently wrote to a new Modest Dresser/Headcoverer

I have covered my head for some 17 years or so. I am always the only
one in the Church who covers with a brief exception now and then. It
can make you feel funny and maybe lonely is a good word for it but I
find that as the years roll by I do get used to it and I very nearly
forget that my head is covered but everyone else’s is bare.

I just read (and re-read) the passage, I Corr 11, over and over
again and I pray and seek the LORD to help me to walk in a manner
worthy of the gospel. I try to dress like a woman who professes
godliness. I live to abide in the Vine.

It’s my belief that the LORD hears prayers and the He equates love
for Him with obedience to His words. But we are saved by faith not
by works, to me, the Bible describes salvation by Grace.

Dresses “only” has been similar experience for me but a little
different. I did not wear pants for 7 years but then I went back to
them and I really got into it. I was tank top and tight jeans for
awhile but I don’t do that now. I wear dresses/skirts/jumpers about
99% of the time. I exercise frequently (3 times a week) and am
active doing sport-y things like racket ball, basket ball, biking
and hiking. Those are the times I wear pants, although they are
modest, and the shirts are baggy, not tank tops. See that’s the
change for me. From “dresses only” for 7 years, back to the worldly
look for awhile and now I’m modest and almost always wear a dress
except when the conditions really, really call for pants. There are
times when pants are more modest or at least a pair on “Under the
Dress” might be a good idea.

I hope that you all read the Bible and pray a lot about what Jesus
would have you do in all these areas. I’m postive that He wants a
close relationship with all of you and that He wants to show you how
to deal with this world, even resist the world, in the areas of

The verse that helps me the most is, I Tim 2:9-10 “in like manner
also, that the women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with
propriety and moderation, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or
costly clothing, but, which is proper for women professing
godliness, with good works.”

The “proper for women professing godliness” is on my mind every
morning when I choose my clothes for the day. I especially repeat it
to myself during the hot summer months as I’m getting dressed.

And my final thought is this. About one week ago I sat down in a waiting room and a woman sitting across the way took one look at me and said, “Will you pray for me.?I need prayer today.” I had never met her and I was a little taken aback but I did pray for her and I think it says a lot that she thought, with only ONE glance, that I was the praying type. She was right.



  1. This was such a blessing to read, thank you for posting it. I have a quick question for you, when you first started wearing a headcovering … what style did you wear? Was it the same style that you wear now?

    < Becky

  2. I sewed that black one — there are pictures of it on here. I just grabbed some fabric and sewed it. After wearing only that for 1 month or so I tried wearing a light, sunny-yellow bandana. That’s the first time I was mistaken for an Amish and that only happened because we don’t have any Amish anywhere near our area. Then I bought a straw hat and tried wearing that but it was too cumbersome and I donated it.

    I like things that are light weight and don’t slip off and don’t pull at my hair. That has me wearing the clip on coverings that I sew mostly, and hats are good too if there are very light weight and very soft and drapy.

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