Posted by: clevsea | March 27, 2007

Bible Reading 2007=all done in 3 months!

I finished reading the **whole** Bible today and I started in January. My goal was to spend a lot of time reading the Word. On a normal day I allowed about 1 hour, on a few days I read about 3 hours.

This is the quickest I have read from Genesis to Revelation, cover to cover, and you might think that it was a big blur. It was really, really profitable because the infomation was always fresh as I was going through. I could have finished in 2 months instead of 3 months but I stopped for awhile in Feb. and read Martha Peace, “The Excellent Wife.”

I have read the Bible cover to cover many, many times (about #20) but it can take me quite ahile. The first time I ever tried it was back in 1982 when I first converted to Christianity. I started in Genesis and 11 months later I finished Rev. By the time I got there I hadn’t been able to hang on to all of the names of the Kings of Israel, the prophecies from the OLD Testament, I couldn’t really recall much from the Psalms.

But this time as I finished the gospels I would see Psalms I had just read, parts of Isaiah I had just read. I was never lost with the prophets either when they would refer to what reign which king was ruling in…because I had just read Kings and Chronicles. It truly made the whole thing very clear.

Every January I reach out to people I know on-line and invite them to join me in reading through the Bible in a year. This post is to show you hope—not to discourage you. If you are behind or haven’t started yet, let this post prove to you that you still have plenty of time. You have 9 months of 2007 left and you can set up a time to read every day. You can start now and still read the whole thing before the year ends.

The Blessings of the Lord for all of you and God Bless your Bible reading!!



  1. That is SOOOOOOOOO WONDERFUL Clevsea!!!! I don’t know that many people that have read it through cover to cover even ONCE OVER THEIR WHOLE LIFE TIME, and you did it in 3 months!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I did have a goal to read through in 4 months before, and do that 3 times in a year and I didn’t stick to it. You have inspired me to re-claim this goal!!

    I am on 2 Samuel right now in our yearly Bible Reading Plan. I have read through with my family at least 1 time per year for the past 12 years.

    Again, CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are in the SUPER minority!!!

    God Bless,

  2. Thank you!
    I have not yet decided whether to get right back into the reading. I am reading the Bible of course. I’ve re-read many of the NT letters and I’m in Matthew too. If I get back to 1 hour a day and do that while it’s still April I will be able to get through it cover to cover 3 or 4 times in one year. While I am deciding I am spending time reading the Shaeffers—they’re interesting that’s for sure.

  3. Thank you for the inspiration. This is an area I need to seriously work on, and it’s good to have the reminder.


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