Posted by: clevsea | March 29, 2007

My Day

On one of my e-loops someone asked all of us what we were doing with our day. I wrote this up as a look back at my day.


I took the children to play racquetball and basket ball and then we cleaned the house.

We homeschooled and I went to buy some binoculars for my husband’s birthday.
Called for super yummy pizza—didn’t have to cook—whose birthday is it??
I had made my husband’s favorite cake yesterday because it takes a day to get to the right flavor.
I was able to sew while waiting for pizza and husband!!! I converted a night gown into a slip and a blouse by cutting it in half. For the slip I made a casing and inserted some non-roll elastic. I hemmed the top half of the ex-night gown and I have instant blouse.
I was able to wear the purple jumper today—it was finally warm enough and that was a good feeling. I sewed it during the cold months for use during this warmer Spring weather and I had to wait for the right day.
Because I needed my sandals I had to re-do the bedroom closet in order to find them but now I have more floor room in there.
After my drastic read the whole Bible in less than 3 months I now find that I spend a long time in a single chapter of the Bible. I’m in 1 Peter, going slowly.
I did a Greek word study on “keeper” from Titus 2 today while I was waiting for my turn in the shower. It was revealing. I’m tired right now or I might have shared the results but trust me you don’t want my sleepy- tired version of what I found. Maybe tomorrow but I’d like to do a lot more sewing tomorrow. I have lots of stuff laid out in the sewing room.
There is a look at my day.

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