Posted by: clevsea | April 26, 2007

Good Book

Here is a good book: “Christian Modesty and the Public Undressing of America” by Jeff Pollard.

In only 77 pages this book has a lot to say on the modesty issues and this is well worth finding and reading.

Mr. Pollard’s book is introduced by Douglas Phillips and he addresses legalism right away. He writes, “Of course, it is entirely possible to be legalistic. The legalist is one who creates laws and rules foreign to Scripture by which he hopes to bind the consciences of men.” Not exactly the way I would state this however it is very close to one (I have two) of my own definitions of legalism.

Pollard’s first words are, “Modesty is a controversial issue.” And that, like Phillip’s introductory words, is a good topic to acknowledge right away.

In one of my favorite parts of the book Pollard speaks of:

#1 When God gave clothes

#2 When God gave the Priesthood Clothes

#3 When God wore Clothes

#4 When God gives the Saints in Heaven Clothes

The first section deals with the fall of Adam and Eve and the clothing of them after they had sinned and tried to cloth themselves. “God did not give a fur bikini…”

The second part makes an excellent point about Aaron’s garments as detailed by the Lord Almighty Himself.

The third speaks of how Jesus Christ dressed as He was dwelling among mankind. The author does not say that we have to wear Biblical robes but that our Lord was covered.

The 4th teaches us about our “robes” that we will receive after death.

All 4 points are intended to show that the “Bible does offer us a standard for covering the body.”

Later in the book he writes, “instead of being guided by God’s Word, the voice of from heaven, American culture is driven by Fashion, the voice of fallen men.” and “Swimsuit manufacturers knew exactly the course they planned for follow, and it wasn’t the Word of God.” and “The voice of God’s Word was slowly but surely drowned out by the voice of an increasingly secular media, the fashion industry and public opinion.”

He centers much of his book on the swimsuit which I found helpful while at least one other reviewer did not. Here is why I think swimsuits are a worthy topic, Jeff writes, “men and women who would never dream of walking out the front door in their undergarments will parade their nearly naked bodies publicly in swimwear.” and ”what was naked and lewd in the city was suddenly perfectly justifiable and permissible at the beach.”

I agree with the author that the swimsuit had a big impact historically on the individual person’s way of thinking about clothing. If you have just been to beach in a swimsuit and are now at home dressing for the remainder of the day your blouse and shorts are going to seem to be covering a large portion of your body, by comparison.

I could just keep giving one quote after the other but I will stop myself so that you can read the book yourself. I do have to give one more, “The fashion industry does not believe that the principle purpose of clothing is to cover the body; it believes that the principle purpose of clothing is sexual attraction. This is the very opposite of Christian modesty.”


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