Posted by: clevsea | June 28, 2007

Old, old quotes about hair

I was directed to a website today that had many, many quotes from the
1st Century. I posted a few for you here:

Clement wrote:

“It is enough for women to protect their hair locks and bind up
their hair simply along the neck with a plain hairpin, nourishing
chaste locks with simple care for true beauty.”

“Neither is the hair to be dyed, nor gray hair to have its color
changed… Old age, which conciliates trust, is not to be concealed.”


Tertullian wrote:

“What purpose, again, does all the labor spent in arranging the hair
render to salvation? First, it must be bound, then loosed, then
cultivated, then thinned out? Some are anxious to force their hair
into curls.”

“I see some women change the color of their hair with saffron. They
are ashamed even of their own nation, ashamed that their birth did
not assign them to Germany or Gaul.”


Commodianus wrote:

You dye your hair so that it will always be black… But these
things are not necessary for modest women.


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