Posted by: clevsea | June 29, 2007

Newbie question on fitting in with her fellow Baptists

The question posed by a new head coverer was about if she’d be accepted by her Baptist congregation as she was the only coverer. She also asked about covering our daughters. I share my answer here in hopes of helping others:

I’m the only one who covers in the church I attend and the Bible study I go to. I don’t live in a covering area of the states. It’s rare around here.

The word “legalism” usually comes up whenever I’m in the room. I have to be extra nice, extra smiley, extra good and I make the attempt to show how much I believe in grace at every opportunity.

It almost always turns out that the people who claimed I was legalistic will admit that they did NOT know that the I Cor 11 passage was in the Bible, let alone in the New Testament. I also live in a mostly Bible ignorant area. Plus, if they were to think about it for more than 2 seconds they might have figured out on their own that obeying a New Testament teaching is not normally considered legalistic.

It’s like this; next time somebody gives money to the church would we say, “Legalist!” Or the next time somebody shares the gospel or baptizes someone, would we say, “Legalist!” The answer is no, we wouldn’t because the New Testament teaches us to do these things.

Lastly, I have lots of children, 3 of them are girls. I never caused or asked or in anyway forced any of them to cover. I quietly wait for them to want to. So far one has become a coverer.


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