Posted by: clevsea | July 31, 2007

Women Teaching Women

Can Women Start Churches? Lead Men? Teach Men? Be Pastors?
The Bible teaches that women have to remain silent in the Churches.
Please read I Cor 14 to verify.
This is a chapter that I have Greeked out to such a degree that you might not even be able to imagine how much energy I’ve put into that section of Scripture. That doesn’t make me “right” it only makes me well informed on the Greek and the grammar of the passage.
It certainly is a hot topic and one that I am consistently on the minority side of. You know I believe that women can mentor women and I feel strongly that women would be GREAT and capable at starting and running Churches but I see that Biblically they are restricted from leading men (and husbands) and from speaking in the Church…that makes it difficult to prophesy, and teach and lead in a mixed gendered setting.
The Titus 2 list is large enough to keep the average older woman busy. If she kept herself to those topics then she would have plenty to do and teach.
Having teaching as a gift and being very verbal and somewhat smart it is difficult to keep myself from teaching both sexes. I used to think that the challenging thing about the Bible and Bible teaching was knowing and studying the original languages and cross referencing the passages. It was around 1990 that I saw the scarcity of verses written directly to women and then it shocked me to my core how simple the verses were but how difficult they were going to be to obey. Again, I had previously thought that Greek and Hebrew word studies were difficult, that was child’s play compared to following the verses below. I know you already know them and could probably quote each one by heart but I’ll include them just to show exactly which passages changed my outlook so dramatically all those years ago.
These were the scarce yet directed to women verses:
#1—I Tim 5: 9-10 the widow’s list, includes proper behavior

#2—I Tim 2: 9-15 dressing modestly/don’ t teach/be in silence

#3—I Peter 3: 1-6 submit/apparel/ gentle & quiet spirit

#4—Prov 31: 10-30 virtuous wife

#5—Titus 2:3-5 behavior/teaching younger women to love their
husband & children

#6—I Cor 14:34-35 do not speak in Church

#7—Eph 5:22-23 Marriage submission

#8—Col 3:18 Marriage submission

#9—I Cor 11: 2-16 women’s headship, covering, long hair


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