Posted by: clevsea | September 17, 2007

Baptist Head Covering Booklet

This is called “Baptist Women Exalted” and it has been published as a booklet for many years. Now you can read it on-line. It is similar to “Let Her be Veiled” which is written by Anabaptists. Between these two works we have heard from both the Baptists and from the Mennonites.

Here is the link to read it on-line:

Here is the link to purchase a copy for $3.00



  1. Gonna have to check that out!

  2. It’s nice that people can read it on-line if they want to. I’ve owned a hard copy of it for about 14 years now. It has be updated since I purchased it all those years ago. Hope you like it.

  3. I was looking for a copy of this some years ago but couldn’t find it. So glad it’s online now I’ve always wanted to see it.
    Thank you for posting it on your blog Clevsea!

  4. You are welcome and thanks for commenting.

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