Posted by: clevsea | October 8, 2007

Husbands and Dresses

Three posts in ONE day…whew. I answered another question today. In short the questioner is currently in the process of changing over from the normal American look to modesty and she has a cape dress pattern that she thought was going to work out well. Her husband was on-board but is now in some degree of doubt. My answer:

This is really difficult. I have already prayed for you to find a dressing option that makes your husband “happy” for lack of a better word and also pleases the Lord God.

Cape dresses are not worn in my area of the country and I don’t know what I would do if I were “called” to wear them. My husband really likes clothes and he dresses in a very high end sort of way. He would rather not be embarrassed by me, I’m sure. If he wore his Ralph Lauren, top of the line clothes, next to my cape dress—I just don’t know what he would do.
For my double layer I have chosen jumpers. Nothing flattens me out more than a jumper. Vests do the same thing, they take a bumpy, feminine chest and flatten it out like you’re a 10 year old girl.
I try to make my jumpers look as cute as I can without being un-godly.
I saw a jumper on the “Today Show” last week. If you don’t watch TV, that’s great but my TV was on and I looked over to see a very thin, very made-up, very fashionable lady wearing a jumper over a cute little T-Shirt with slightly puffy shoulders to it. She looked cute and she looked like she could teach Sunday School at any church in the country. There was nothing alluring about her clothes but she looked “nice.” She is on there regularly as a contributor, so she wasn’t just one of us (jumper wearers) showing up for one appearance.
I will keep praying that you find the solution and let me leave you with this. MANY of us modesty women struggle with this. It seems like the only ones who don’t have husbands in the Mennonite church or something kind of like the Conservative Mennonites. In other words, when/if modesty is the husband’s idea then the cape dress and other conservative “looks” do not bother the husband. That kind of goes without saying. I have heard of husbands that were a million miles away from modesty but over time they “came around” and started to get with the changes the wife was making.
But please don’t feel like the only one who is going through this. I would probably wear Biblical robes if the city around me and my loves ones wouldn’t react as strongly as I predict they would.


  1. Clevsea
    I loved this post. I actually love reading and re-reading your blog! What is the name of the list you are moderating?

  2. Prayercoverings I’ll try to go to your blog and give you a link there.

    It is a yahoo loop. There is no bickering there, it is very, very safe and a joy to be on there.

    Thanks for liking my blog–it’s good to hear some feedback.

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