Posted by: clevsea | October 8, 2007

Real Church/Fake Church

Below I share my response to someone’s question regarding their Church and their Pastor’s issues:

There are a lot of Churches where I live that are playing a game, a dog and pony show, I call it. They have a building and people come to it on Sunday but they don’t use the Bible, they don’t preach anything at all, they don’t even speak the name of Jesus. The songs are sometimes right off of MTV and are not considered Christian by anybody, anywhere. And even when the songs are “Christian” they don’t use the word Jesus in them.

I’m really saddened by the American version of Church right now. There a great falling away from the Truth, from the Bible, from teaching the things that matter, the things will edify the body of Christ and help us to press on in righteousness.

I read huge chunks of the Bible yesterday and everywhere I turned I found a glorious sermon…words that any Church body could benefit from but sadly the some of the Churches are not using the Bible so instead we do not grow—we become weaker and weaker. Hearing stories about the pastor’s college days will not help me to be abiding in the vine, and walking with Jesus Christ the Lord.

As you can see I am sharing from my experience more than commenting on yours. Your husband is the one who will get to decide if/when you stay with your current church, am I right?

Until then you may be called upon to pray and fast for this pastor and his leanings toward magic and spaghetti straps. From what you say he sounds like he is fully in the world and has been affected by it greatly. Like the frog in boiling water—he has become used to the rising temperature. OR he could be a false teacher. I don’t know, of course, but I do know there are false teachers in our country. If they are wolves in sheep’s clothing then they will look like sheep, and smell like sheep and baaa like sheep but they won’t be leading anyone to the Good Shepherd. They will be fooling them into thinking everything is OKAY in their walk and in their lives.

The Church situation is so dire where I live that 2 of my friends here have spent countless hours looking up stuff about the current fads. All I can say is that we may be in the great apostasy or some kind of pre-curser to it.

Feed yourself the Bible daily, pray a lot and simply abide in the vine.



  1. Great post, Clevsea. Well-said. Your friend is experiencing what the evangelical church has become today. Spurgeon warned of this fate. Instead of feeding the flock on the Word of God, teaching that one needs to repent, believe and follow Christ in obedience to His commandments, the evangelical “seeker-friendly” church is making the message and the service palatable to those who only want their ears tickled and do not want to have to change their worldly ways.
    But there is hope. Many believers are coming out of these apostate churches and finding fellowships where like-minded Christians are hungry for the teaching and preaching of the Word and encouragement to apply the Word of God to their daily lives.

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