Posted by: clevsea | October 12, 2007

Renaming Churches

More and more Baptist Churches are renaming themselves and taking the word “Baptist” out of their title.

This has been the trend where I live for about the last 10 to 15
years. When I first moved here there were lots of Baptist Churches.

Even though there are many different kinds of Baptists such as:

Southern Baptist
American Baptist
Baptist Independent
General Conference Baptist
Conservative Baptist
National Convention Baptist
North American Baptist
Reformed Baptist
Regular Baptist

(I used my yellow pages for that list, no, I don’t have them all

These various Baptist Churches have various different beliefs. Some
teach that you can lose your salvation and some teach that you
cannot, for one example. So you can’t judge a book by its cover…


The whole thing is even more confusing when most of the Baptist
Churches took the word “Baptist” out of their name.

I went to the most watered down, non-Bible-teaching, Church for 1
year. I wanted to be with Christians so I tried to be a part of this
nearby Church. The “ladies” dressed terribly and their thongs were
frequently showing as well as their clevage and bras, etc.

Seven of the men wore ball caps into the service every week and
NEVER removed them, not even for prayer.

The Bible was barely ever alluded to and when it was the Message
Bible was the (cough, cough) ‘translation’ of choice.

I made a friend there and got to know her. I won’t go into her life
and its quantity of sin but I will say that I was speaking to her
one night and I mentioned Job. She stopped me and said she had never
heard of Job. She has been in Church ALL OF HER LIFE but I
considered what kind of Church she’d been in and accepted that maybe
she had not heard of Job.

I changed my example to telling her to think of Judas. She again
stopped me and said she had never heard of Judas. I insisted that
she had heard of him. One of the apostles? The one who betrayed the
Lord? You know, the one who led the guards to the garden so that
Jesus Christ could be arrested?

“no, I never heard of him.”

That’s all she would say, over and over again.

That’s the “fruit” of these watered down, make believe Churches.

Now I told this huge tale to make the point that this Church had one
of those modern names like “encounter” —not really the name.

But when I asked what denomination, if any, this Church was, the
head pastor told me it is a Southern Baptist.

They don’t go to the convention but they are a Southern Baptist.

I can think of a dozen Churches near me who have dropped Baptist
from thier title and re-named themselves something that tells the
visitor nothing at all about what they believe.

They don’t even have a Christian Word in their title.



  1. I know what you mean. We have a variety of churches here in the NorthEast. The main denominations are Baptist and Congregational. Within the Congregational churches we have the big differences more than the Baptist churches. We belong to a independent Baptist church (actually the first Baptist in the country 🙂 Founded by Issac Backus over 250 years ago). I enjoy the church as it focuses on the Bible and reaching out to the community (although we travel almost a half hour to attend) I think that is part of the reason it has survived so long. there have been a few times that it has been bare bones as the core has gotten smaller but God has always provided for the lights to stay on, the heat on in the winter and the doors to remain open!

  2. That would be interesting to go to the first USA Baptist Church.

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