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More on the Amish–Much More

I share, with permission, an email from TJ. She has given us so much information and many resources to learn from.

Dear Clevsea and all

There are other books that might be of interest concerning the Amish
and Mennonites, including a couple of DVD’s. – here is a listing,
most of these I have read or have viewed. From my heritage and
background, what I can say that there are distinctive differences in
the various sects of Amish and/or Mennonites and these basically have
to do with interpretation of the Ordnung from the spiritual leaders
of any given district plus where in terms of European culture they
originally immigrated from. There are now 3 confessions of faith –
the Dordrecht, the Schmetleiheim and the Mennonite USA which apply if
I might say as “foundations” for the anabaptist groups. However, I
would have to say from personal experience, family gatherings and
travel that there are conservative Mennonite groups in Oregon, and
there are “communal” conservative groups in Oregon which live out
a “co-housing” type lifestyle, but not like the Hutterites and are
listed in “Communites” magazine. There are also more groups of
either Amish or Mennonites with some offshoots that belonged to
the “seekers” which were the Christian Community that was started by
Stolz – most of them were for a time, but now have died out so to
speak, and they had a news letter called “the Christian Community”
There is an offshoot “amish” in Florida that was started by one
family – Keckler who had a website of Fruitful Acres. Then there are
the Belize Old Order and the Cuatamoc Old Order that are different
from what one would normally mind picture of what a plain order looks
like. Still if one wants a view of the Amish, then the published
magazine Family Life would be something to get along with Blackboard
Bulletin and Young Companion. ( Pathway Publishers, RR4, LaGrange,
Indiana 46761, or Pathway Publishers Route 4Alymer Ontario N5H 2R3 )
The other is the newspaper the Budget of Sugar Creek which is
published in English and then a rural local published in German – in
the Budget there was an attempt to teach the language in a weekly
series. Another one is “The Diary” (Old Order Amish) with
subscriptions available at PO Box 98, Gordonville, PA 17529. and that
is monthly. Then there is Plain Interests (550 Weaver Road
Millerburg, PA 17061 – broader content than the budget mo. newspaper
Wisdom’s Gate – (PO Box 374 Covert, MI 49043 – which is a
conservative publication for women, and Amish Country News
Subscription (PO Box 414 Bird-in-Hand, PA 17505) published 7 times a
year – Amish.

On Bible Gateway website, there is the New Testament in the Mennonite
low tongue that can be listened to – it is “Platdietsch” (NDS) by
Reimer (one of our cousins).

Hope this gives you and the rest of interested sisters some thought!

Have a blessed, grace and peace filled week!

TJ in Colorful Colorado

1. After The Fire : The Destruction of the Lancaster County
by Testa, R.

2. The Amish Across America 2nd Edt. by J. Zielinski

3. The Amish of Canada by Orland Gingerich

4. Compulsory Education and the Amish: the Right Not to Be Modern by
Albert Keim

5. The Old Order Amish in Plain Words w/ pictures by TJ Redcay

6. The Amish in Their Own Words by Brad Igou

7. Plain Diversity – Steve Nold and Tom Meyers on Old Order Amish

8. On the Backroad to Heaven by Donald Kraybill & Carl Bowman

9. The Riddle of the Amish Culture by Donald Kraybill

10. Plain Secreta: An Outsider Among the Amish by Joe Mackall

11. The Amish Back Roads to Heaven: the Story of Pennsylvania’s Amish
Communities by Burton Buller

12. Amish Grace by Donald Kraybill, Steven Nold & David Zercher

13. An Amish Portrait: song of a People – Merle Good

14. Amish Women: Lives and Stores by Louise Stoltzfus

15. The Fortunate Years: An Amish Life – Memories and Stories from an
Amish Childhood by Aaron s. Glick

16. Growing Up Plain by Shirley Kurtz

17. A History of the Amish by Steven Nolt

18. House Calls and Hitching Posts: Stories from Dr. Elton Lehman’s
career among the Amish – told to Dorcas S. Hoover

19. An Introduction to Old Order and Conservative Mennontie Groups
by Stephen Scott

20. An Introduction to the Russian Mennonites by Wally Kroeker

21. A Mennonite Woman’s Life by Phyllis P. Good

22. Born Amish by Ruth Garrett and Deborah Kahn

23. The Amish – How They Survive – DVD documentary by Burton Buller –
PBS Series

24. Real People by Martha Denlinger 4th edt.

25. The Amish: Why They Enchant Us by Donald Kraybill

26. Amish Enterprises from Plows to Profits by D. Kraybill & S. Nolt

27. Rumspringa: To Be or Not to Be Amish by Tom Shachtman

28. Crossing Over: One Woman’s Escape from Amish Life by Ruth Irene

29. Devil’s Playground – DVD on Amish Youth and problems in the teen
years through Wellspring Media Inc.

30. Lifestyles of the Old Order Amish – Handwritten by a 21 yr. old
Amish Girl available from / Merle Hoiness


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