Posted by: clevsea | October 22, 2007

Prayer list for Husbands

On an e- list I asked 100 women to name ONE postive thing about their husbands. These are conservative, head covering women, very dedicated to the Lord.

After they answered I posted all of their answers into one big post.

After that I combined their answers into a list to serve as a prayer request list for *our* husbands.

The fun part was that they did not know that I was planning all along to turn the answers into a prayer request list.

It was great fun and I thought about doing the same thing on larger lists but that would be a lot of posts to go through and just not worth the work involved.

So the next best thing is to share with you the resulting list that was gleaned from these conservative Christian ladies.

My POST copied and pasted here:

I have taken our answers and turned them into a prayer request list
that we can use anyway that we want to. Why? Because sometimes we
get into a rut when we pray, particularly for those close to us and
we end up praying the same stale thing every day. This list *might*
inspire you to pray in different areas than you have been. It can
also be a good list to pray if a friend brings you her burdens about
her marriage. Clevsea

Suggested Prayer Requests for our Husbands
(and each other’s Husbands toward their own wife)

Love, especially unconditional love

Spiritual Life to be strong in the areas of prayer and reading the
Word of God in his Spiritual Leadership in our family

Kindness & Patience toward us


Carefulness with his words toward us and other people

Verbal reassurance toward us

Healing, Godly words for us

Helping us in many areas, care-taking of us, meeting our needs


Acceptance of us

Praying for us

Not hurting or insulting us


Financial Provision

Intelligence in his headship role

Honesty between us


Side Benefits such as:
Humor, Looks, Cooking


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