Posted by: clevsea | October 28, 2007

Changing to Dresses, What shoes do I wear?

If I had a nickel for every time I see this question. First of all it’s not that easy to change from jeans and tennis shoes over to dresses. But when a woman gets that call, that nudge from the Lord that a change is due then the first thing she does is puts on a dress and the 2nd thing she does is wonder about what kind of shoes she is going to wear on a daily basis.

Tonight I answered this way:

I first changed to modesty and dresses/skirts/jumpers about 1990. Do you remember the 80’s? The dresses of the 80’s?

I ask you that because when I first wanted to change from pants and jeans and sweatshirts I pictured myself in nylons and heels and shoulder- padded Church dresses. All that leg shaving!!

I HAD to figure all this out just like you are now.

Clogs with knee socks are a mainstay for me. But when it snows or rains or gets cold then I upgrade to a Mary Jane, plain black, flat shoe and when it gets too icky for that I upgrade further to ankle boots in black. Both the Mary Jane’s and the booties are made by Birkenstock and they do not look like the famous sandal at all. They are well made and worth the extra money. Having good shoes but less of them is the key to this.

The longer the skirt/dress/jumper the less your socks will show. I often buy a style that looks like I’m wearing tights.

Being comfortable is the answer to this change. Being able to clean, run around, sit, drive, shop for food, all that a day brings has to be do-able and comfortable.

Jeff Pollard has an excellent book called “Christian Modesty, the Public Undressing of America.” It does not get dogmatic and pushy and it does avoid some of the more touchy issues. Amazon has it if you want to get a copy or two to pass out to your future detractors. It’s good to help others understand you, particularly people who wouldn’t touch a Bible but might read an easy little book. It would be good for them to read. There is a lot of interesting history in that book about the fashion industry and the changes in the swim suit from a large wool garment to micro bikini.


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