Posted by: clevsea | October 28, 2007

What would you say to a new coverer?

If a new coverer asked you what kind of comments to expect from people…..

what would you say?

This is a real question from a real newbie who also added that she tended to be an outspoken person.

Evidently she is just about to be seen by the world for the first time as a coverer.

here is what I said to her…

“Will you pray for me?” Was the best comment and it came from a total stranger who took one look at me and decided that I must know how to pray.

“What’s that thing on your head.” Is a lot more common of a statement. Followed by, “That’s legalistic.”

If you’re outspoken by nature ask the Lord to help curb your words and guard your mouth.

My approach is to try to accurately and quickly figure out if the other person really, really wants to know or if they are just being glib. If they really want to know then I open to the passage, I Cor 11, and read it out loud to them, clearly, slowly.

(Yes, I carry a Bible.)

It can go much further than that of course but I’ve found with my 17 years of covering that there is VERY little middle ground with other people’s reactions. Either they completly oppose and let you know in an obvious and usually painful way or they do have real curiousity and really want to understand.


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