Posted by: clevsea | December 31, 2007

Read your Bible

January is tomorrrow!!

I like to inspire my fellow believers to be in the Word daily and I like to see other Christians read the WHOLE Bible if at all possible.

Here is my friendly reminder that we *can* get through the Bible in a year or less than a year.

How many chapters do we need to read in a day?

I get asked this all the time and I just answered it on another loop
so I’ll share it here too in case it is helpful.

My calculations are:

3 chapters a day = 1 year
6 chpt a day = 6 months
12 chpt a day = 3 months.

But we all know some chapters are longer than others.

Last January I read for 1 hour a day.

The 1 hour a day plan is more than 12 chpts. a day because I got
through in 2 & 1/2 months, less than 3 months.

The 1 hour a day plan also means putting away all other reading
material (for me) and if/when there is any reading time it will be
the Bible that will be read. I pack mine with me daily and can/do
read while waiting for people.

For 25 years I have opted for Genesis through to Revelation. I know
other people don’t like to be out of the New Testament for that long
but that’s one reason I read the Sermon on the Mount daily for all
of December. I won’t be forgeting it, that’s for sure.

Plus, you can always read a New. Test. book any time you want to.
Just write it down and when you come up to that book later you may
skip it if you want to.

For about 20 years now I have been writing in my Bible when I finish
a book. On the “Title” page of Luke, for example, I have my hand-
writing that says, 12-98, 2-99, 6-99, 1-2000, 7-2000, 3-2001, 12-
2001, 4-02, 11-02, etc.

Keeping a note like this is very convicting by the way. I have 20
years of experience with this. Sometimes we “think” we read
Galations (for example) all the time—but one glance at the first
page of Galations can easily remind you that you have not read it
for over a year.

We don’t read as much as our minds think we do.

A lot of people do better by following a plan that covers a daily
reading from the OT, the NT and the Psalms. Those are available on-

Those don’t work for me. Because I am reading huge quanities of
Bible in a quick manner I don’t get “lost” I know where I am in the
time line of Biblical history. Plus, I like the way the books of the
Bible were presented to us…the order they come in works for me.

We each need to read the way that best feeds us!

My note to busy Mommies : Read your Bible standing up at the kitchen counter. It works!! The family will leave you alone more if you are standing in a “work” position. Seeing you sitting down with a book is some kind of signal to little children that you are “free” and ought to be playing with them.



  1. I told my husband that I need to give away all my Sudoku puzzle books since they tend to get picked up more than my Bible. Thanks for your encouragement.

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