Posted by: clevsea | January 12, 2008

11 Bible books in 11 days!!

I am in I Kings today.

So far this month I have read:









I Samuel

II Samuel

I missed one day of reading — it was unavoidable



  1. Wow that is great! I wish I were as consistant as that! I am going to try very hard to get through the Bible in this year. I have started this in the beginning of several years but for one reason or another I let it go and didn’t finish it the way I planned. It isn’t a New Year’s Resolution or anything, I don’t do those, but it is a heartfelt desire to get it done this year. My Dad is struggling with prostate cancer which has spread to his ribs, spine, and kidneys. I really need to get more into the word so that I can help my loved ones come to the Lord before anything happens to them. Sometimes Dad acts as if he believes in God and other times he gets a scientific way of thinking that argues it. Please pray for my Dad to have salvation and peace. Thank you my friend. You and I have talked back and forth some in our Amish and Mennonite Group.

  2. I have prayed for your dad just now. What’s your screen name on Amish/Mennonite?

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