Posted by: clevsea | February 7, 2008

Finished the Whole Bible in 5 weeks

On Tuesday Feb. 5th I woke up and read Rev. 14-22 and that was it…the whole Bible read cover to cover in 5 weeks.

It’s important to know the Bible and it’s important to walk away from the TV and walk away from the computer and dedicate time, every day, to Bible reading.

There is a myth running through the believers that the Bible is TOO big to be read.

That is a lie.

There are novels and trilogies of novels that people pick up and breeze through and these have high word counts. Some of these same people have come to think that the Bible is impossible to read.

I have met with opposition over this reading the whole Bible…I think some don’t even believe me. Others have claimed that so-called “fast” reading is worthless. Others have told me I’m boastful. Some have said I have more time than other people do.

To all that I have an answer.

I have my reading log which I will write down here…it serves as a type of proof that I did read the whole Bible.

Fast reading has its place. I don’t even read that fast…I did all this reading with slow comprehension and I’ve read the Bible so many times that the chapters and books are familiar to me now. Plus, so called fast reading is the way we read most books. I also found a HUGE benefit…I am never lost…I’m not confused by the kings, the wars, the tribes, the prophets because I’m reading at a pace that I’m in the major and minor prophets immediately after having read the reigns of the kings. It’s not confusing at all. Also, I get to the New Testament and all of the Jewish history is fresh in my mind and all the prophecy is still fresh too. As I go through the gospels and the letters I recognize the quotes from the OT because I was just a few days or weeks ago reading that section in its context.

And…I don’t ONLY read at this pace. I have done in-depth studies. I do slow down and read only little bits sometimes. For the month of December I read Matt 5, 6, & 7 everyday for the 31 days of December. Repetitive reading is good too. Study and word studies are great too. Memorizing is fantastic…it’s a good thing to have the Lord’s Word stored in our hearts.

Then the time accusation. I have been given the same 24 hours a day as everybody else has been given. Once upon a time I got to watching the Oprah show everyday. She was having emotional shows that I found myself choking back tears for the whole hour. One day I refused to turn on Oprah. I sat in the same chair but with my Bible instead. I spent that same hour reading the Bible and I found that I could read the whole Bible rather quickly and without much effort at all.

I want to really emphasize the EASE of reading this year and last year too. I have tried to go cover to cover almost every January for 26 years. I hear that a lot of people try that too and they don’t make it. Well, I’m here to say that is isn’t that difficult and I do have several women believing me. These women are making every effort to finish the Bible…lots of people start and then quit.

I have a new phrase that I invented:

“Friends don’t let friends quit reading the Bible”

I’m not entirely sure why I had any opposition at all. But I did get some.

All I can say is, try it. Try reading the Bible like it was any book. Think back to your college days…remember the quantity of your reading assignments? Don’t make the Bible an assignment but do realize that it can be read.

After I read it through cover to cover for the year then I return to reading whatever “parts” of it that I feel led to read.

Having a little day planner has really helped me these last 2 years, maybe it will help you too.

Remember I did NOT speed read, I read at a slow pace and never got sleepy either.

It’s not too late to start ! !

Here is the reading log:

Jan 1 — Gen 1-25

Jan 2 — Gen 26-50 & Luke 4

Jan 3 — Exodus 1-25 & Luke 5 & 6

Jan 4 — Ex 26-40 & Lev1-14 & Luke 7

Jan 5 — Lev 15-27 & Numbers 1-9

Jan 6 — Num 10-36 & Deut 1-3

Jan 7 — Deut 4-11 & Luke 8

Jan 8 — Deut 12-34 & Josh 1-6 & Luke 9

Jan 9 — Josh 7-24 Judges 1-19 & Luke 10

Jan 10 — Luke 11—-very sick

Jan 11 — Judges 20-21 & Ruth 1-4 & I Sam 1-31 & II Sam 1 & Luke 12

Jan 12 — II Sam 2-24 & I Kings 1-16

Jan 13 — I Kings 17-22 & II Kings 2-7

Jan 14 — II Kings 8-20 & Luke 13

Jan 15 — Luke 13 —-very busy day

Jan 16– II Kings 21-25 & I Chron. 1-7

Jan 17– I Chron 8-29 & II Chron 1 & Luke 14

Jan 18 — II Chron 2-18 & Luke 15

Jan 19 — ZERO — left town

Jan 20 — Ezra 1-10 & Neh 1-13 & II Chron 18-36 & Esther 1-10 & Job 1-20

Jan 21 — Job 21-42 & Ps 1

Jan 22 — Psalms 1-68 & Luke 17

Jan 23 — Ps 69- 83 & 100 – 104 & Luke 18

Jan 24 — Ps 84-150

Jan 25 — Prov 1-18 & Luke 19

Jan 26 — Prov 19-31 & Eccl 1-12 & Song of Sol 1-8 & Isaiah 1-23

Jan 27 — Is 24-66 & Jer 1-26

Jan 28 — Jer 27 & all of Lamations & Luke 20

Jan 29 — Ezek 1-48 & Daniel 1-11 & Luke 21

Jan 30 — Finished Dan & read all of: Hosea & Joel & Amos & Obadiah & Jonah & Micah & Nahum & Hab & Zeph & Haggai & Zech & Mal & all of Matthew & Mark 1-6 & Luke21

Jan 31 — Finished Mark & read all of John & all of Acts & Rom 1-3 & Luke 23-24

Feb 1 — Rom 4-16 & I Cor 1-16 & II Cor 1-7 & Ps 75-78

Feb 2 — II Cor 8-13 & Gal 1-6 & Eph 1-6 & Phil 1-4 & Col 1-4

Feb 3 — I Thes & II Thes

Feb 4 — Read all of I Tim & II Tim & Titus & Phil & Hebrews & James & I Pet & II Pet & I John & II John & III John & Jude & Luke 1 – 3 & read Rev 1-13

Feb 5 — Fev 14-22 FINISHED then read Jer 4-5



  1. I haven’t looked at your blog in a while & then I see you have just finished the entire Bible in 5 weeks! WHEW!!!! That’s GREAT that you have read cover to cover so fast! I thought last year was fast! Didn’t you read it in just under 2 months? …. 5 weeks is just INCREDIBLE!!!! I have just finished the whole Old Testament and am beginning Matthew today and will be finished on Feb 29 with the whole Bible Genesis through Revelation Starting on January 1. This is reading a little over an hour every day, and I use a Dramatized CD to read along with. Otherwise it would take me 3 – 5 hours to read that amount! I am a VERY SLOW reader!!! I have also noticed that I’m not so confused & have to look back “Now what did that say”, because it is fresh in my mind from a few days or weeks ago, rather than months ago! 😀

    I hear all the excuses and opposition too. It’s so sad that a person can devote HOURS a day to a TV set and not 1 MINUTE to God’s Word! No wonder we are so Spiritually bankrupt in America!

    What are your plans for reading next? I am going to read the entire New Testament, Psalms, & Proverbs every month for a while, then start all over again in July. Plus my husband, my son & I read all the way through each year as a family.

    Anyway, just wanted to say “WAY TO GO!!!” Then I got going! LOL
    God Bless you,

  2. Right ! The “fresh in my mind” is the main thing with this style of reading. It’s not a style–it’s the way we read everything else.

    You are doing great with your progress.

    You’re right — last year I read the whole thing in about 2 and 1/2 months without it being that difficult.

    For now my reading has been in the Psalms and Proverbs and it’s been good…however I want to pray about doing something more major very soon.

    I’ll let the blog know when I know.

    Thanks for the comment !

  3. GREAT! I’ll be looking to see what the LORD has in store for your next Bible Adventure! 😀

  4. Great going on reading the whole Bible in 5 weeks, Clevsea, that is absolutely wonderful. I looked over your reading log and I am curious to know … when did you read Luke 1 to 3? I see it starting at Luke 4 – or did I misread? I too am reading through my Bible, taking a slower pace, though (I’m reading through in a year) – right now, I’m in Deuteronomy.

    < Becky

  5. Look at Feb 4th….that’s when I read Luke 1-3….that happened that way because I started Luke in Dec. 07 so by the first of Jan. I was in 4th chpt. So…when I got to Rev. I thought I better go back and RE-read Luke 1-3 so that it wouldn’t be a fib that I read the whole Bible in 5 weeks.

    Make sense?

    That’s how it happened.

    Being in Deut. is great. An on-line friend of mine is in Psalms and thinks she’s not doing enough—I told her to be in Psalms by Feb is fantastic ! Being in Deut. is great…being anywhere at all is wonderful !

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