Posted by: clevsea | February 20, 2008

Respectable Sins – a book review

I want to promote a book by Jerry Bridges author of “The Pursuit of Holiness.”

“Respectable Sins; Confronting the Sins We Tolerate” c 2007 is excellent. Mr. Bridges is employed by The Navigators if you are familiar with that organization.

Bridges said he almost called his book “Acceptable Sins” and he wants us, the church, to understand that our common sins are indeed sins. He thinks we tend to look at homos*xuals and abortionists as sinners all the while we are selfish, unthankful & at times ungodly.

The first 60 pages were nothing new to me … not to sound boastful but I would think that almost any Christian with good doctrine and at least some Bible knowledge would have known the information contained there. However, the “remedy” for sin and the rest of the first 60 pages would be a great read for anybody who is a new Christian, perhaps one year into their walk with the Lord, so if you know anybody like that I would advise you to buy them a copy of the book.

As to the rest of the book….that is all very helpful for any Christian regardless of how long they have walked with the Lord.

You see, Mr. Bridges brings up topics that we know of but he shines a light on them so that we can KNOW them. On p. 63 he writes about anxiety being the very opposite of trusting in God and so is frustration. To sum it up, Anxiety is distrust of God and anxiety is a sin because it is not accepting God providence in our lives.

He speaks of his own anxiety in the possibility of missing airplane flights that will cause him to not get to his important speaking engagements at conventions and such. Bridges at one point realized that all of his anxiety about not appearing at the engagement was his own unwillingness to submit to and “cheerfully” accept God’s agenda for his life.

We know this, but do we KNOW this?

Isn’t it easy to get mad, anxious, upset when a plane flight is cancelled?

This is just one example of how the book reads.

I think that a list of some chpt. titles will be of help too.

#7 -Ungodliness
#8 -Anxiety and Frustration
#9 -Discontentment
#10 -Unthankfulness
#11 -Pride
#12 -Selfishness
#13 -Lack of Self-Control
#14 -Impatience and Irritability
#15 -Anger
#16 -The weeds of Anger
#17 -Jugementalism
#18 -Envy, Jealousy etc
#19 -Sins of the Tongue
#20 -Worldliness

I found myself very moved in conviction at certain points and I made of list of which chpts were particularly potent for me. Turns out, at the end, the author suggests we readers do that very thing.

Having just read the whole Bible through recently I would not have thought that a book written by a mere man could have helped me much. Sounds prideful – – but I don’t mean to sound that way. Plus, I don’t read these kinds of books, in fact I do avoid them…however this one wound up in my life and I now find that I have gone through a positive growth spurt due to it.

So I have taken the time to share about it and hopefully anybody who reads this and feels a call toward the book will go ahead and make the effort to locate a copy.

The Lord God Bless you,


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