Posted by: clevsea | February 26, 2008

Zero Presuppositions

I strongly believe in ridding ourselves of our presuppositions before we go to the Bible.

It was Precept Upon Precept that taught me to go to the Bible in a pure way and without presuppositions. When one does a PUP study they provide you with a copy of the Biblical book you’re studying and they have removed all commentary, all chpt titles, all paragraph titles and that’s a GOOD thing. It just plain, more like the way Paul would have written his letter if it is a Pauline letter one is studying.

PUP is not perfect, far, far from it. But they did teach me the inductive method of study and it’s important to know that PUP did not invent the inductive method.

To allow the Word of God to come into *you* without all the radio sermons one has heard, without all the Christian Book Store Books that are sometimes WAY off…to let go of what you thought that passage said and read it as if for the first time—that is a GOOD thing.

I got into Precepts studies about 4 years into my Christianity and I gave it 10 years of my life. These studies are time consuming and require at least 5 hrs per week at home working and 2 hrs a week meeting as a group. I often put 10 hrs a week into it because I like to make things more difficult for myself than is needed.

Again, not a perfect ministry and I am not actually vouching for it, I only bring it up because “our” presuppositions are very strong and they “can” color our thoughts and cause us to *not* see obvious things that the Bible is saying.

It was almost a blessing (in a way) that I never went to church as a child. I am an adult convert so I had nothing, no presuppositions to my name when I was a baby (yet adult in age) Christian.

I remember being taken to a Christian Book Store by a literal stranger that my church set me up with. They were a HUGE church and they liked to give “newbies” a peer. So me and my “peer” went on a field trip to the Bible store.

She showed me around and we were standing in front of the prophecy section. She told me, “These are the books, some are pre-trib, some are mid-trib and some are post-trib, of course.”

I blinked a few times and said, “Pardon? what does that mean?”

She went on to explain to me, who had been saved for about 10 days, that there are different views on the tribulation.

I was SHOCKED. I could NOT believe it. I had not yet had time to read the whole Bible and I did not have a position. I was upset that my fellow believers in this “new to me” religion did not have all the same thoughts on something so important.

Well, needless to say I went to the Word for myself and spent about 12 years working on this topic. I do have a position now….and it came from the Bible not a sermon series or a booklet.


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