Posted by: clevsea | April 30, 2008

Murder is wrong

I just posted this to a Yahoo group and thought I’d place it here too:

I don’t know how to say this without sounding like a “meany” or sounding judgmental …but…

“Thou shalt not murder”


So…what is entertaining about watching a murder portrayed in a movie or a show that has a murdered body in it?

We Christians may not break the 10 commandments with the same frequency as the the unbelievers do but “our” entertainment seems to be about breaking the 10 Commandments.

Christians sometimes watch a movie or a show (real or documentary) about adultery and murder and stealing with people who are liars.

See why I can’t hardly ask the question without sounding like I’m “Holier than Thou” or like I’m picking a fight?

I’m not picking a fight … we are the bride … we are loved by Jesus Christ. He will present us clean and unblemished.

I don’t want to sow discord—-rather I want to be in accord. But I would like anybody who is willing to help me understand why murder shows are “okay” for lack of a better word.

Last night I read Ez 23 and I highly recommend that the next time you have spare time that you read it too. Amazing chapter of the Bible, left me Awestruck.


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