Posted by: clevsea | May 23, 2008

Titus 2 Teaching

On a Yahoo group a question was raised. I answered it and I thought
that someone might benefit from this.

The question was: If a woman can’t be a pastor and can’t teach, then
how can Titus 2 work?

Here is how I answered:

The answer is a little easier than it appears.

If you hold to:

I Cor 14
I Tim 2
I Pet 3

and believe in obeying those verses THEN when you look at Titus 2 it
makes good sense.

As you know the older women can teach the younger women BUT what is
even more interesting is the subject matter that a woman is teaching
about. I, myself, stray somewhat (from the below list) when I teach
Greek Word Studies to women but my motivation is to help women to
obey the Bible in their wardrobe, their head covering, and help them
to read their Bibles and pray, plus to be a godly wife.

So here is THE list:

love their husbands
to love their children
to be discreet
obedient to their own husbands

As you can see it’s not very theological subject matter. They are
simple subjects but OH, so difficult to obey at times!


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