Posted by: clevsea | May 27, 2008

God’s will on Pants for Women

A lady on a Yahoo chat group asked a question. She asked how do we know that God wants us to wear skirts and stop wearing pants. She is not sure whether her little nudging toward skirts is God or herself.

This is how I answered her:

That is such a GOOD question. Most women ask about “how” to go to skirts or “how” to be warm enough or “how” to be practical about it.

But YOU have asked an even more important question !!

In fact, this is the MOST important question because I have seen people get into “people – pleasing” within the modest dressing. They don’t intend to do that, what starts out as obedience slowly *can* turn into some kind of popularity contest with other modest dressing women.

What does the Lord God want for you?

What does He want for me?

Discerning His will seems to come easy for some believers and not so easy for others.

I went “dresses only” before 1990 and then started the head covering shortly afterward. I have prayed and begged and sought the Lord God throughout the entire time attempting to be in His will for me and I confess to you that I still don’t always know.

I know that I am more comfortable in dresses, skirts, and jumpers and to be dressed that way gives me a sense of well-being. Is that the Lord showing His will? Could be. I know when I put on tight pants I feel “convicted” and take them off right away…is that the Lord showing me His will? I think it’s possible.

I think it’s important to rely on the Lord and walk with Him and check the Bible frequently for what it says about clothing. PLUS tons of prayer so that you are abiding in the vine and allowing the vine dresser to “dress” you and nuture you as you walk with Him.

That little tugging could very well be the Lord Himself gently swaying your desire toward skirts. It seems like He works in the little things most of the time rather than writing you a letter across the sky …


I like the other answer you got too — experiment by setting aside a time to not wear pants, don’t go crazy and throw everything you own away. That can come later — laugh. Try putting your pants in a box in a hard to get to area of your house and see how long you can go without them. These are my practical tips, btw. THEN when you put on a pair of pant after how-ever long of a time, you’ll be surprised at how revealing they ARE. That’s just a “look” that you got used to when you wore them all the time. Being in skirts helps to break the habit of seeing your outline so clearly in the mirror.

Pray a lot for the Lord’s guidance — not people’s guidance.

If it is the Lord then He will continue to nudge you along.

Much love,


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