Posted by: clevsea | June 26, 2008

Husbands NOT approving of covering Style

The question is common. What to do if one’s husband does not like the covering worn?

My answer to that:

Maybe the two of you can google up some of the headcovering websites
that sell coverings and look at them together. There are so many
headcovering businesses now and so many options.

If he likes some of the looks but not the others you might be able to
see what he likes and you might want to buy something new for you and
give it a try.

Personally, I think anything covering your head is a headcovering. I
think that because Paul wrote a lot about the covering, who, when,
why cover (in fact gave 3 reasons for covering) but he did not write
about size of the covering or the color or the fabric.

The Corinth church was really far away from Jerusalem too so not
every believer there was Jewish. We know that Corinth was a non
headcovering city so I don’t think that the area had a certain cover
that they wore. We’ve all seen Bible movies of Jewish women with her
head covered but I don’t think that all of the recipients of I
Corinthians were Jewish.

All that to say I don’t think that Paul prescribed a certain “type”
of covering and that leaves us wondering what is appropiate and what
the Lord would want for us.

I would also pray for guidance.



  1. Hey, I like that response. Well said, and I hope people find this little article.

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