Posted by: clevsea | May 15, 2009

Giving answers about head covering

Question: How do you answer people when they ask why you cover?

Answer: That is a common question.

I’ve been covering for 19 years so I have a lot of experience with this. So few people ask about it. Those who do are the ones that I was the nicest too, the ones that I showed love to and cared about…then they ask.

When they do ask I try to figure out how serious they are about wanting to know. If I think they are sincere I will ask them if they know that they New Testament has a teaching about it.

Generally, they tell me they don’t know that.

Then I offer to read it with them. Usually I have a Bible with me.

I read it to them and let them look over at the Bible while I read.

I figure that the Lord can do the “work” and either they’ll get it or they won’t.

Some do get it … but … they let fashion or what others will think of them get in their way. They choose to not obey the Biblical passage.

Others find an excuse. My husband won’t let me is common. Or, my husband doesn’t see the need for that.

Usually, in such cases the husband has never read the passage and the wife is not really interested in covering.

Those are people in my real life. On-line I meet ladies who sincerely want to cover but their husbands sincerely don’t want them too. That’s a different story.

Sometimes when people ask they are not “teachable” and I try to have the discernment to know if that is the case. With them they either want to pick a fight, justify themselves, or teach me that I am wrong for wearing a covering.

Christian LOVE is more important than hats and hanging veils and Kapps. When we are tested we need to be mature and know that the Lord Jesus would want us to pray for the others, be kind one to another and not quarrel. The Bibles says that the Lord’s servant must not quarrel.

Allow the Lord to keep you calm when asked.

One quick answer that I give to people who ask and there isn’t time for any teaching is this, “It’s a prayer covering. I’m trying to obey a New Testament teaching that says to cover your head, if you are a woman.” I know that’s an incomplete answer but it serves for a quick answer.

I put a little emphasis on “New Testament” when I say it because so many like to call covering “legalistic.” It’s not “legalistic” to obey a New Testament teaching as long as you’re not disregarding that salvation comes by Jesus Christ’s death on the cross as your salvation.

If you know that the work on the Cross is the reason you are saved and you know that covering is not tied to salvation, then it’s not legalistic to cover.

Many may call you legalistic but you will know in yourself that you are not. Simple obedience is exactly what the Lord God wants from His people. Obey Him and His word like a sheep following her Shepherd. Jesus said that if you love Him you will obey Him.

I hope that might give a few ideas. For the most part you’ll find that people will talk “about” you rather than “to” you because that is easier for them to do.

Sad, but true.



  1. “For the most part you’ll find that people will talk “about” you rather than “to” you because that is easier for them to do.”

    So very, very true.

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